Philosophy of Technology

Technology, in its broadest sense, means “the way we do things”  – which can be manual, mechanical, and electronic.  What does the way we do things say about the evolution of knowledge, and of our perspectives and priorities, over time?  Does our technology reveal the mindset of its inventors, and those who use it?

Technology is the product of human knowledge, applied to a particular purpose.  The applications of our technology change over time, but why do they change and what are the causes of our inventions?  Are there times when we adapt to our technology, and other times when our technology adapts to us?  Who – or what – determines the future course of the way we do things, and how do the rest of us have a say in the matter?  Join in this ongoing dialogue as we explore the frontiers of technology from the combined perspectives of its developers and its users.

Latest Philosophy of Technology

  • Quantum Ethics: There’s No Time Like the Present to Plan for the Human Future with Quantum Technology

    We look at six emerging ethical concerns for the potential power of quantum computing. While the technological breakthrough that enables its widespread use and applications might be years away – or just around the corner – we set out an historical perspective to frame the discussion on ethics that is best begun sooner rather than later.

  • The Ghost in the Machine: Chatbots and Their Problem with Time

    A new mathematical proof points to global instability over time in machine learning, which is the basis for training chatbots like ChatGPT. Designed to generalize inputs from prompts and generate the most probable outputs, what does this mean for the future of chatbots trained on data from the past when human users operate in the dynamically changing present?

  • Finding Truths: Defense and Criticism of the Scientific Method

    The scientific method’s emphasis on falsifiability, empirical evidence, incremental progress, and predictive power, makes it humanity’s most powerful tool for unraveling the mysteries of the universe. But can it reveal absolute truths, and knowledge about things like our own consciousness, that aren’t directly observable? We explore some important limitations and criticisms of the scientific method.

  • Can We Trust the Global Index of Data? How Google’s Outputs Diverge From its Human Inputs

    Google has a profound influence on the worldwide production and consumption of information with its search engine, YouTube, and other products. The U.S. Government’s antitrust lawsuit, and the way some websites use the company’s undisclosed algorithms to manipulate users, highlight serious questions about transparency, regulation, and misinformation that could be especially important in global elections in 2024.

  • Military Funding of AI Education: What Does the Future Hold for Today’s Students?

    Artificial intelligence research at universities is attracting significant funding from the military and its contractors in a global battle to attract the brightest minds. As the military invests in cognitive AI research and developing autonomous systems, what will the future of AI education look like?

  • Objects orbiting earth

    Emerging Issues in Space Governance Urgently Require International Agreement

    Space governance is rapidly emerging as a major international concern to address challenges such as space debris, commercialization of space, and space-based weapons. The United Nations is among the major players in space governance, calling for new standards of international collaboration and highlighting the consequences of new technologies that pose dangers as well as opportunities as humanity extends its reach further into the cosmos.

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