Technology Over Time

Human technology has evolved over time, in response to our needs and desires.  Let’s take a look back in time, at real and imagined technology  before now, to see a reflection of our own human evolution.

The word “technology” is now commonly understood to mean only the electronic and digital devices that have become central to our everyday living.  But the broader meaning of technology, from the word’s Greek roots, is simply “the way we do things” – and the way can be manual and mechanical as well as electronic.  With all three forms of technology active today, what got us to this point – first with manual technology then with mechanical and now with electronic?  What do we see, when we look back at previous generations and the directions they were headed with the technology they developed and dreamed of?  Maybe we will recognize some of our own present in that reflection, and as we take ourselves back in time to see things their eyes can we rediscover a new way of looking at our own time?

Latest Technology Over Time

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