Quantum Computing

With the quantum computer, humanity is on the brink of a technological revolution of unimaginable potential.    When present record-keeping methods require us to know the beginning and end of an exchange, how will accounting adapt to the reality  of  transactions generated by quantum  computers – when there is no difference between beginning and end?

Introducing Quantum Accounting

The vast speed power of the quantum computer comes from the physics of quantum entanglement – in which signals are both on and off at the same time.  This is called “superposition”, the phenomenon in quantum physics that provides no indication of the order of a sequence.  What is the past and future, what is the cause and what is the effect, when the trade between buyer and seller simultaneously exists and doesn’t exist?  The binary computer you are using now keeps a reliable record of the order of its signals because of the time it takes to switch between on and off, but accounting will have to adapt to maintain an accurate record of cause and effect in the account of exchanges of data in the quantum computer.


Latest Quantum Computing

  • Remembering or Forgetting? Quantum Computing May Need Both

    Both memory and forgetfulness may be requirements for error-free quantum computing. New research shows the potential of non-Abelian anyons, which retain enduring memory, to operate with quantum maze-solving algorithms, which sacrifice memory for efficiency. Could eliminating noise among qubits be close at hand?

  • Mikhail Lukin and Markus Greiner

    Breakthrough in Error Correction Opens Potential for Large-Scale Quantum Computer Processing

    Error correction is a major challenge in connecting qubits, the unit of information in quantum computers. In a recent breakthrough, Harvard-led scientists have created the first-ever quantum circuit with error-correcting logical qubits, opening the potential for large-scale processing.

  • US Army quantum sensor

    Quantum Sensing’s Revolutionary Potential for Cancer Treatment, Navigation, and Precision Measurement

    Still in its early days, quantum sensing technology holds the promise for early cancer detection, navigation, communications, seismology, and many other applications that require precision measurements beyond the capability of today’s instruments.

  • Molybdenum

    One-dimensional metal may provide the perfect on/off switch for quantum devices

    Purple bronze is a one-dimensional metal composed of molybdenum, lithium, and oxygen which holds promise for instantaneous switching between on and off states in quantum devices. With a small amount of stimulus from heat or light, it exhibits emergent symmetry and moves from insulator to superconductor with equal probability of either at the boundary.

  • The Future of Quantum Computing Accelerates, Many Qubits at a Time

    The latest in quantum technology promises unimaginable computing speed and power. We survey developments ranging from room-temperature superconductivity to microchips holding electrically charged ions, for a glimpse at how quantum computing is poised to transform everything we know.

  • Quantum computer

    Major Advances in Quantum Computing Revolution

    A quantum computer has just been used to simulate a wormhole, holding potential for future space travel. With recent advances in powerful computing capacity, and the rapid growth of the quantum computing industry, the technology promises many benefits including reduction of pollution and conflict.

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