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  • Tempered Gratitude for Sam Altman’s AGI Quest: It’s a Question of Trust

    By pledging the value of AGI to the general good, OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman has created a trust with 7.8 billion beneficiaries. But for what purpose is AGI being pursued, and how will the trustee overcome profit incentives and discharge fiduciary responsibility for the incredible value and risk of AGI?

  • Story in The Guardian

    For Heaven’s Sake, We Must Protect the Children

    The future of the world’s children and all subsequent generations is in our hands. Technology has driven an increase in child-on-child sexual abuse to the majority of the cases in the UK – is this the legacy we want to leave for those who will be carrying our hopes and dreams into the future?

  • Albert Einstein

    AI and Critical Thinking: A Difficult Mix We Need to Get Right

    AI’s offer to relieve us of the burden of thinking is tempting, but once again a lawyer has demonstrated the risk of relying on a technology without applying critical thinking to correct its errors. When generative AI and other technologies allow the viral spread of falsehoods, we need to protect ourselves from “botshit,” and teach children to think critically.

  • Robot judge

    OpenAI’s Technology Tests Legal Limits

    Among the many factors driving the future direction of OpenAI’s generative AI, legal limits may be the most important. A number of lawsuits alleging copyright infringement and plagiarism are challenging the technology’s limits. How will the AI and laws reach a future accommodation?

  • Robot writing

    Human News Must Be Written By Humans: It Is Our Story To Tell

    News stories are increasingly AI-written, and a chilling example of what can go wrong was displayed in a recent report on the murder of a young woman. While the economic pressures on journalism reduce its quality and quantity, special caution is required in the use of artificial intelligence to write and broadcast news of human events.

  • Cybercriminals Target Telescopes, Hospitals, and Libraries: Is This The Way It Has To Be?

    The August cyberattack against an important telescope facility brought its operation and the scientific research dependent on it to a halt for two months. It’s part of an increasing number of attacks on critical infrastructure that calls for a higher priority on eliminating criminal threats to our technology. Are we sitting ducks? Surely the brain power of 7.8 billion humans can be applied to the essential task of defending ourselves.

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