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  • Illustration of human perception

    Imagination is a Key Difference Between the Neural Network in Your Head and in a Machine

    The differences between machine neural nets and the operation of the human brain could be better understood with the use of different language. The power of imagination in human neurons is a key difference.

  • Placard saying Hire Me

    Job Applications and Algorithmic Barriers to Your History

    Algorithms now play a major role in connecting job applicants and prospective employers. Job seekers are increasingly required to adapt their profiles to meet algorithmic requirements, raising the question whether an application is an accurate record of human history and skills development.

  • Preparing to Launch Humanity into a New Technological Era

    We look at two organizations dedicated to introducing quantum computing to future users, and in the process allow humans to shape the direction of the technology. With increasingly powerful and complex devices, it’s an important mission, to preserve a place for ourselves in our technological mindsets.

  • Daniel Larsen

    The Extraordinary Contributions of Citizen Scientists to Scientific Creativity

    Citizen scientists without formal academic training, like Daniel Larsen, Pierre de Fermat, and Srinivasa Ramanujan, have made extraordinary contributions to mathematics and scientific creativity. The key may be the differences in their perspectives.

  • Human Pride and The Power to Suspend the Norms

    The image says it all: in the unexpected creative turns that humans take in festivals of happiness like Toronto Pride 2023 far exceed the imaginable probabilities of any algorithm. How is machine learning dealing with the unexpected? It’s a question that becomes increasingly important as machine learning governs more and more of our daily living functions.

  • Common Sense Book header

    The Incredible Difficulty of Replicating the Human Power of Common Sense in a Machine

    Largely overlooked in machine learning based on big data, humans use the power of common sense to manage unpredictable situations. It’s a power that may prove impossible to program in the machine.

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