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  • Financing Climate Change and Abolishing the Obsolete Zero-Cost Assumption for Natural Resources

    A full accounting for the cost of depleting Nature’s resources and remediating environmental damage could lead to more sustainable investment decisions. Surely, human ingenuity can devise generally accepted standards to measure the value of Nature, and apply the standards to green financing and cost-sharing goals.

  • Crystal ball on nature

    Let’s Create a Natural Futures Market and Trade on the Value that Sustains Us

    We call for the establishment of a Natural Futures Market, trading in the environmental value of securities already exchanged in financial markets. We suggest 5 bases of general agreement for the operation of the market to provide clear signals to investors, and a trading rent for the benefit of a Natural Guardianship Trust.

  • Can We Ever Stop Technological Threats From Multiplying?

    We are confronted daily by increasingly sophisticated attempts powered by technology to breach our privacy and security. While AI regulations are expanding, we can look for and promote leaders who understand the serious issues.

  • How Data Brokers Profit from the Data We Create

    Data brokering is estimated to generate more than $200 billion of annual revenue, none of which goes to the creators of the data. In an industry that is largely unregulated, brokers sell text and image data to marketers and law enforcement.

  • Four Questions for OpenAI’s Mission to Benefit All of Humanity

    OpenAI’s release of the popular and powerful GPT-3 and GPT-4 technology has sparked global discussion about its benefits and risks. We propose four questions to help align the technology with OpenAI’s mission that it “benefits all of humanity.”

  • Trading in Belief and Government Debts That Will Never Be Repaid

    With no foreseeable way to raise $31 trillion in cash to repay the U.S. national debt, the future depends on sustained belief in the country’s potential. What can be done to address threats to belief and ensure creditworthiness, so buyers of new debts will continue to replace maturing debts?

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