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  • Customer service agent 1970s

    Sustainable Technology: In the Long Run, Sometimes Less is More

    Today’s economic challenges and the uncertain direction of disruptive new technologies like generative AI add greater risk to technological investments. While businesses are racing to reduce costs and automate, in the long run customer satisfaction can generate the greatest return for investors.

  • Photo of boy on phone

    Sustainable Communication: the Extraordinary Power of the Spoken Word

    The art of the spoken word has rapidly been replaced by the convenience of quick text messages. I discovered, in an old-fashioned phone call, how much more productive and creative speaking can actually be.

  • DALL-E generated image of a clock looking at itself in a mirror

    Human and Machine Interact. What Could Go Wrong, Over Time?

    I failed a machine’s test of my human credentials. How could it know my reason for failure – being my limits of time and patience – before it calculates the probability of similar errors in the future?

  • Illustration of human perception

    Imagination is a Key Difference Between the Neural Network in Your Head and in a Machine

    The differences between machine neural nets and the operation of the human brain could be better understood with the use of different language. The power of imagination in human neurons is a key difference.

  • Placard saying Hire Me

    Job Applications and Algorithmic Barriers to Your History

    Algorithms now play a major role in connecting job applicants and prospective employers. Job seekers are increasingly required to adapt their profiles to meet algorithmic requirements, raising the question whether an application is an accurate record of human history and skills development.

  • Illustration of the world held in our hands

    Preparing to Launch Humanity into a New Technological Era

    We look at two organizations dedicated to introducing quantum computing to future users, and in the process allow humans to shape the direction of the technology. With increasingly powerful and complex devices, it’s an important mission, to preserve a place for ourselves in our technological mindsets.

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