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Explore  with us some of the latest developments in science, including physics, biology, mathematics, chemistry, information, and astronomy.  Imagine what the future holds with today’s discoveries in these and other scientific pursuits.  Along the way we will encounter fascinating people and their ideas that push the boundaries of science and shape the future direction of knowledge.

We feature some of the latest developments in a range of scientific branches, highlighting the human ingenuity and circumstances that lead to discovery and new technologies.   We explain the ideas, the problems that led to the solutions, and the function of the discoveries, in words designed for the general audience so no background in science is required to appreciate the work of the scientists.  The ideas for our stories are drawn from other freely-available publications as well as paid subscriptions, and we welcome contributions and story ideas from volunteer contributors.  Join our science writers Mariana Meneses and Saulo Silvestre as we explore the exciting new developments in science and the showcase the good people who dedicate their life’s work to the advancement of knowledge and the human mission.

In Focus

Shedding New Light on Matter: Synchrotron Radiation and Neutron Beams Probe the Tiniest Pieces of Nature

New synchrotron radiation and neutron beam technologies in Brazil’s Sirius and the European Spallation Source in Sweden promise unprecedented insights into the fundamental properties of materials. Illuminating hidden parts of nature could lead to groundbreaking discoveries and revolutionize research in many scientific fields.

From Nature to Robots and Vice-Versa? Blurring the Lines Between the Real and the Virtual

The increasing integration of nature’s mechanisms with robotics is enabling precision control of industrial robots, while raising concerns about biosecurity and ethical implications. With bio-inspired sensing systems, brain-computer interfaces enhancing human capabilities, and biomimicry inspiring new applications, the boundaries between artificial intelligence and cognitive sciences are blurring and raising questions about human outcomes.

Evolution of the Universe: Why Measuring Voids of Nothing Tells Us Something

A renewed focus on studying cosmic voids, the “nothingness” that occupies an estimated 90% of space, is yielding new information about the evolution of the universe. If the voids are remnants of vibrations from the Big Bang 13.8 billion years ago, what might they tell us about the tiniest bit of energy, the quantum, and the fluctuating quantum energy of the vacuum of space?

Latest Science News

  • Girls in Quantum Computing - 1

    Building Future Scientists: Girls in Quantum and the Quantum Qid Foundation

    Youth-led projects aimed at involving kids in quantum computing, Girls in Quantum and The Quantum Qid Foundation provide opportunities for hands-on learning in a f technology pushing the frontiers of science. Who knows, maybe today’s youth can open some interesting new and logical paths to explore in quantum mechanics?

  • Planetary Defense and Mapping the Solar System’s Time Dimension

    Discover how a groundbreaking four-dimensional map of the solar system can revolutionize planetary defense against asteroid impacts, and Journey alongside young scientist Arushi Nath as she uses open data and robotics to explore the depths of space.

  • NeMO-Net Catalogues Coral Reefs Using Games: A Citizen Science Project

    Discover how you can help save coral reefs from destruction caused by rising temperatures, by playing a NASA video game called NeMO-Net. The game allows citizen scientists to classify real-life coral reef images and assist in mapping and understanding these vital ecosystems.

  • Explore Tropical Africa From Home: A Citizen Science Project

    Join the power of citizen science to explore tropical Africa, learn about our shared origins with chimpanzees, and help to protect the interconnected web of life that sustains us all.

  • Beyond the Binary: Can Machines Achieve Conscious Understanding?

    Can machines achieve true consciousness? Exploring the boundaries of machine intelligence and consciousness, this feature delves into the Turing Machine, neural networks, emotions, and the complexity of language, raising intriguing questions about the nature of consciousness and what the future might look like as we expand machine and human connections.

  • AI and the Human Brain: From Mind-Reading AI to a Simulated Conversation with Einstein

    Discover the cutting-edge developments in the intersection of AI and neuroscience, from mind-reading technologies to conversing with Einstein, and explore the ethical implications and future possibilities in this rapidly evolving field.

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