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Explore  with us some of the latest developments in science, including physics, biology, mathematics, chemistry, information, and astronomy.  Imagine what the future holds with today’s discoveries in these and other scientific pursuits.  Along the way we will encounter fascinating people and their ideas that push the boundaries of science and shape the future direction of knowledge.

We feature some of the latest developments in a range of scientific branches, highlighting the human ingenuity and circumstances that lead to discovery and new technologies.   We explain the ideas, the problems that led to the solutions, and the function of the discoveries, in words designed for the general audience so no background in science is required to appreciate the work of the scientists.  The ideas for our stories are drawn from other freely-available publications as well as paid subscriptions, and we welcome contributions and story ideas from volunteer contributors.  Join our science writers Mariana Meneses and Saulo Silvestre as we explore the exciting new developments in science and the showcase the good people who dedicate their life’s work to the advancement of knowledge and the human mission.

In Focus

Photo of an airplane

Artificial Intelligence Propels Rapid Changes in Aviation

Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming many aspects aviation, including maintenance, air traffic management, aircraft design, passenger experience, and security. Will the future of passenger flight be powered by electric engines?

Planetary Defense and Mapping the Solar System’s Time Dimension

Discover how a groundbreaking four-dimensional map of the solar system can revolutionize planetary defense against asteroid impacts, and Journey alongside young scientist Arushi Nath as she uses open data and robotics to explore the depths of space.

The Rising Power of Citizen Science: Enthusiasts Become Agents of Change

Unearthing ancient mysteries, discovering new species, and exploring distant galaxies: citizen scientists are harnessing the power of collaboration and cutting-edge technology to assist in groundbreaking discoveries in many fields, from paleontology to astronomy, making science more accessible and exciting for enthusiasts worldwide.

Latest Science News

  • Artemis I Launch

    NASA’s Artemis Mission: Could We Have a Moon Base by 2030?

    On November 16, 2022, NASA launched a test rocket for its first moon landing since the final Apollo mission in 1972. After 25 days, it splashed down in the Pacific Ocean. Now, NASA has lots of data and big plans for our future on the Moon.

  • Asteroid Detection Systems and The Science of Planetary Defence

    Millions of years ago, an asteroid strike caused the extinction of two-thirds of all plants and animals on Earth. With the recent major success of a test mission to change the trajectory of an asteroid, the question remains how good are we at predicting and preparing for asteroid threats?

  • Solar Flares and CMEs: Are (Millions of) Nuclear Bombs Threatening Our Technology?

    Solar flares and CMEs can damage and disrupt GPS systems, aircraft control, and communications. While the science for predicting these events is advancing, how safe are today’s technological systems from the power of the sun?

  • The Search for Life In the Solar System’s Ocean Worlds

    ESA’s JUICE (Jupiter Icy moons Explorer), expected to launch in April 2023, can unravel secrets from ocean worlds in our solar system, like Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus, Neptune’s moon Triton, and Jupiter’s ice-covered satellite Europa.

  • “Space Hurricanes” Discovered in the Upper Atmosphere

    Scientists reported a long-lasting space hurricane in Earth’s ionosphere and magnetosphere, near the North Pole. These findings shed more light on how space weather affects critical technology that we use daily on Earth.

  • A Different Way to Explore the Brightest Light of the Universe: Synchrotrons

    Synchotrons follow the path of light from moving electrons to reveal the atomic structure and other properties of the physical world. Brazil’s new fourth-generation synchotron will generate light beams up to a billion times brighter than before to shed new light on the reality of nature.

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