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Explore  with us some of the latest developments in science, including physics, biology, mathematics, chemistry, information, and astronomy.  Imagine what the future holds with today’s discoveries in these and other scientific pursuits.  Along the way we will encounter fascinating people and their ideas that push the boundaries of science and shape the future direction of knowledge.

We feature some of the latest developments in a range of scientific branches, highlighting the human ingenuity and circumstances that lead to discovery and new technologies.   We explain the ideas, the problems that led to the solutions, and the function of the discoveries, in words designed for the general audience so no background in science is required to appreciate the work of the scientists.  The ideas for our stories are drawn from other freely-available publications as well as paid subscriptions, and we welcome contributions and story ideas from volunteer contributors.  Join our science writers Mariana Meneses and Saulo Silvestre as we explore the exciting new developments in science and the showcase the good people who dedicate their life’s work to the advancement of knowledge and the human mission.

In Focus

LIGO Technology May Conquer Century-long Quest to Detect Physical Memory in Spacetime

Physics modelling reveals a possibility of infinite symmetries in regions of flat spacetime. Could this be the measure by which LIGO technology will detect the universal memory function in patterns of gravitational waves?

Discovering the Human Code: the Most Complete Human Genome Ever Created

Following the initial success of the Human Genome Project 18 years ago, new technology has enabled decoding of even more of the 3-billion-letter human genetic code. More work remains to sequence gaps and more diverse genetic backgrounds.

A Job for the Machines: Using Artificial Intelligence to Advance Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion powers stars and holds the potential to deliver practically unlimited amounts of clean energy to humanity. Artificial intelligence is providing the means to control and direct fusion reactions as we make significant advances in developing the technology.

Latest Science News

  • New Light on Nature’s Technology Connects Plant-Microbe Interactions and Climate Change

    Scientists reveal that the intricate relationships between plants and microbes may hold the key to understanding how life on Earth will change in response to climate change.

  • Biology Delivers Major Advances to Robot Technology

    As humans strive to build ever more efficient and powerful technology, we increasingly turn to nature for inspiration. Now, from memory chips to delicate robot hands, technology is beginning to imitate nature.

  • Revolutionizing Human-AI Interaction: ChatGPT and NLP Technology

    With the potential for Chat GPT’s natural language processing to transform human-machine interaction, it is crucial to consider the ethical implications of its use and work to address the many concerns. The possible benefits of the technology may hinge on a better understanding of our own thought processes.

  • PLATO and the Quest to Give Machines the Intuition of a Newborn Human

    Engineers at DeepMind built a machine-learning system from research on how babies’ brains work. This was an important step towards giving machines cognitive ability, although much about the human brain remains unknown.

  • Human Creativity in the Era of Generative AI

    Technology that uses human art to generate new creations raises the questions of what defines art, and whether artists should be compensated. While the future of generative AI is unclear, we can ask: what is it that gives value to art in the first place?

  • The Science of Wind

    Machine learning and other AI techniques are being developed to predict damaging winds and save lives from hurricanes, tornados, and tropical storms. The value of the technology is growing quickly as extreme winds are becoming more common and devastating.

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